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We're looking for culturally sensitive articles for men and their families.

Untreated mental health disorders and unmanaged stress are silent killers of Black men. The factors that cause or exacerbate mental illness are often found in higher numbers among males in the African American community than they are in the general population.

That is why I am working with a group to develop an app and platform to provide self-care support and mental health services to black men. In advance of taking the product to market, we will be launching a website with resources for black men. I am curating original culturally sensitive articles tailored for black men. The initiative presents a unique opportunity for budding and established clinicians and researchers to feature their work prominently.

We aim to collect 10-15 articles on various topics. The pieces will be categorized into the following preliminary categories:
• Relationships (marriage, couples, divorce, etc.)
• Finances
• Family
• Work/Career
• Racial fatigue
• Self-care/Stress management

The copy must be spell checked and written at an eighth-grade reading level and have no more than 750 words. The articles should be relevant and offer advice to men. Text should be written in language that is engaging, lively, and direct, using active voice whenever possible. Avoid excessive jargon.

I will be serving as editor of the articles, and if there are significant changes to the content, I will allow the original author to agree to the changes. The author of each article will be listed. Our call for articles starts today and will continue on a rolling basis.


Dr. Ashley White Jones
Chief Self-Care Support Officer
Henry Health

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