Join our growing team of providers and therapists who are providing mental health services for Black men.

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We believe the time has passed for one size fits all solutions in healthcare. The future future of mental health care will be highly personalized and culturally sensitive using a blend of technology and traditional patient/provider care. Henry is the industry’s first digital platform dedicated to supporting the mental health of Black men and will be the model that future mental healthcare is based on.

We are looking for forward thinking providers & therapists to join our platform to deliver the highest levels ethical and culturally sensitive care that will ultimately contribute to adding quality years of life to Black men across America.

Call For Articles

Henry Health is curating original, culturally sensitive articles tailored for Black men. The initiative presents a unique opportunity for budding and established clinicians and researchers to feature their work prominently.

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Join Henry Health and work at the leading edge of innovation in the mental health field. Get new clients, increase your revenue stream, and provide access to psychotherapy to a larger audience.

Henry Health

Henry Health is an app providing self-care support and mental health services to Black men.

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